There are a few reasons why a feature may not be visible to you though you believe it should. 

  1. You may have an ad-blocker disabling our feature-flag service. 
  2. You may not have access to it.
  3. The feature may not be enabled in your Tenant. 

Ad-Blocker Hiding Features

We use a third-party service to help us manage feature-flags to hide features before they are ready. Some ad-blockers and tracking protection features of browsers can interfere with this. Please see our Knowledge Base Article, Missing Menu Option In Dashboard, for more details.

You Don't Have Access to it

If you see all the sidebar menu items are missing a context menu you may not have access to that menu (for example, managing asset groups). Please speak your organisation's Canopy Manage administrator about your access.

Feature is Not Enabled in Your Organisation (Tenant)

The feature may be disabled for your organisation if it's not appropriate for your Canopy Manage plan. Some features of Canopy Manage only make sense for resellers or MSPs so we hid them for managed accounts or direct clients. 

Other features are hidden by default and will be turned on for your organisation if you install the appropriate Canopy Manage Probe plugin. The features are generally to do with particular asset types or providers.