Canopy Manage Automations can be triggered from four base event-types:

  • Asset (can trigger the automation on individual assets, all assets in particular groups, all assets of one or more particular types, all assets from particular providers/probes):
    • Discovered (A new asset is discovered)
    • Expired
    • Property Changed
    • Will Expire (an asset is about to expire)
    • State Changed (going to online or offline)
    • Asset Health Warning Received
    • Asset Health Warning Cleared
  • Custom Actions (can select specific custom actions):
    • Started
    • Failed
    • Succeeded
  • Dates:
    • A once-off date in the future (the automation will be deleted once it's ran)
    • On a schedule (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Probes:
    • A probe goes online or offline
    • A plugin is installed, updated, or uninstalled.

Finally, once an Automation is triggered Canopy Manage can either call another Custom Action or a communication Connector to notify users that something has happened. 

Use Cases

  • A Canopy Manage Probe goes offline so email Operations so they can investigate. 
  • Call your existing scripts via a Custom Action, once a week, to archive  logs and report back on the space savings.
  • An asset is about to Expire so send a message via Microsoft Teams so the infrastructure team can deal with it.
  • A Custom Action was started and Team Leaders wish to keep track of it.