Canopy Manage is a Next-Gen IoT and IT asset discovery and health management tool. Canopy Manage automates the discovery of assets across IoT environments, traditional on-premises environments, and modern cloud platforms to provide a single aggregated view of assets across the organisation. 

Canopy Manage delivers insight into IT & IoT assets grouped into logical sets to reflect the business structure. API integration into existing systems allows for Canopy Manage to become the simple to use, single control point for all asset management. 

Advanced Asset Discovery

Canopy Manage can automatically discover several types of physical and virtual technology assets.

Some Physical Asset discoveries include: 

  • Jabra Headsets and Speakers
  • Networked Devices 
  • Windows Platform 
  • Milestone CCTV Cameras 

Some virtual asset discoveries include: 

  • vSphere Virtual Machines 
  • Azure Virtual Machines 
  • SSL Certificates 
  • Office 365 Accounts 
  • Milestone

Custom Actions and Automations

If you have your own existing scripts and workflow, Canopy Manage can run these from Canopy Manage's web-based front-end, on a schedule, or even in response to events discovered by Canopy Manage such as the appearance of a new asset a property changing. 

We provide sample scripts to easily integrate existing scripts with Canopy Manage running in the cloud.


In response to events and alerts Canopy Manage can alert the user or groups of users over a variety of channels: 

  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Email 
  • SMS 
  • Custom Webhooks 

Predictive Analysis

                                           User Focused Experience

Smarter Workflow

                                           Managment Automation

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