Learn about Asset Views and Groups and then find some helpful examples below.

View by Department

If you have your assets named with a naming convention for company departments like "CORP-WEB", "HR-WIKI", then you could make a view holding Groups that filters on these prefixes.

View by Provider

Viewing by Provider is a useful choice if you have many providers (for instance: manual assets, Azure, vSphere, Network Assets, Jabra audio devices) and would like to easily see all the assets from that provider.

View by Datacenter

Viewing by data center would be good if you have many data centers like an MSP such as CT4 does. We have datacenters in different cities around Asia Pacific. 

So in our production environment we have created empty groups to act as folders for datacenters in each city or state/region and sub folders for other, internal, logical groupings, then finally made a filter rule for the probe located within that datacenter.