If you cannot see certain menu options on your dashboard in Canopy Manage, here are some basic troubleshooting solutions to help you identify and solve the problem.

Ad Blockers

If you are running any type of ad blocker software, please disable this or turn it off when accessing Canopy Manage. In our example below we are showing Adblock Plus, it will be the same concept for any ad blocker software.


Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection (running in Strict mode or with Standard with Tracking Content blocked) blocks some features of Canopy Manage. It is enabled in Private Browsing Mode or for all sessions if configured in Firefox Preferences. Just click the shield in the URL bar and toggle it off.

Incorrect Tenancy

Double-check to make sure you are in the correct tenancy.

  1. Select the "Your Account" menu icon on the bottom left and select “Change Tenant”.
  2. Select the checkbox beside the tenant you would like to change to.

You Don't Have Access

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you may simply just not have access to certain functions on Canopy Manage in the back end. If this seems to be the case after trying all of the above, please get in contact with your tenancy administrator to ask for access.