Navigating from the settings menu to the 'Create Custom Action' window and how to edit custom actions.

Navigating and Creating

To create a Custom action first, navigate to the settings menu by selecting the cog icon located near the bottom left, and then click Custom Actions, and on the top right click New Custom Action.

Create Custom Action

  1. Name, your friendly name of the custom action - it should be unique. 
  2. Description of the custom action. 
  3. Key, unique key to identify your custom action. This key is also used in the Custom Action Template to decide which custom script to call. See Set Up - Custom Action Template for more details.
  4. Category, to group your custom actions. 
  5. A field scheme allows you to add Action or Custom Actions you have created. 
  6. The Connector that Canopy will use to to start your custom action. This is the Azure Queue, Topic, or Webhook that your custom action will listen on. Using our Custom Action Template though, choose a Service Bus Queue type Connector.
  7. Roles, to define the User Roles that are allowed to run this. 
  8. Asset types, an option to associate it with an Asset. 
  9. Help URL, a URL pointing to support documentation under your control that users can click to get help on the custom action.

How to Edit Custom Actions

To edit a custom action return to Custom Actions in settings, find the Custom Action you want to edit, mouse over the custom action and go to the far right and click the three dots to open a drop-down menu as shown below. Modifying the custom action brings up the same windows as creating one does.

Custom Action Template

We have created a Custom Action Template to make it easier for end users to call their own scripts via Canopy Custom Actions. This template can be easily configured to run existing scripts of your choice and post back the results to Canopy. See: Set up - Custom Action Template in this Knowledge Base for more information.