Create the Client ID

1. Navigate to ‘App Registrations’ blade (via Azure Active Directory) or follow the link included here.

2. Select ‘+ New application registration’

3. Enter name based on your naming convention

4. Select ‘Web app / API’ application type

5. Enter a Sign-on URL NB: Although this is a required field, this URL is not used and can be changed later.It can actually be anything: as long as it looks like a URL

6. Select ‘Create’ Button, the app properties will open in a new blade

7. Hover over ‘Application ID’ field and select copy icon

8. Save to text Editor as ‘Client ID’

Create the Client Secret

1. Continuing from “Create the Client ID”, click the ‘Settings’ icon

2. Select ‘Keys’ from the Settings menu

3. Enter a Name in the ‘Key description’ field

4. Set a duration

5. Select the ‘Save’ Icon, the key value will be created and display in the Value field

6. Copy Value (use Ctrl-C as there is no copy button)

7. Save in text editor as ‘Client Secret’

Add the Required Permissions for Office 365

1. Continuing in the Settings Blade, select "Required Permissions".

2. Select "+ Add"

3. Select "1 - Select an API" and search for then select "Microsoft Graph"

4. Select "2 - Select Permissions". You will need to enable the following permissions by selecting the checkbox next to them - 

    Read all user's full profiles

    Read all user's relevant people lists

    Read and write all user mailbox settings

5. When you are finished select "Done".


Find Tenant ID

1. Open Azure Portal

2. Navigate to ‘Azure Active Directory’, the blade will open

3. Select ‘Properties’ from ‘Manage’ menu

4. Copy the ‘Directory ID’

5. Save to text editor as ‘Tenant ID’