Troubleshooting - Initial Steps

  • Ensure newly created Probe is powered ON

  • When Probe is turned on for the first time, check output.  If output is stuck on connecting to Chef Server (timeout/retry error appears on screen), check Networking by trying to access a website such as using the curl command. If you cannot access, then contact your local system administrator to fix the networking issue.

  • Check SAS key is correct:
  1. First, log onto Probe. When connected to the Probe:
  2. go to /opt/canopy/etc
  3. view the SAS Key in the settings.json file. The SAS Key in this file MUST correspond to the SAS Key provided by your Canopy Administrator.  If it is incorrect, contact your Canopy Administrator to revise the SAS Key on the Chef Server.

  • check your vSphere Credentials (vSphere hostname, username and password) to ensure it is correct as Canopy requires it to connect to your vSphere instance.To check your vSphere Credentials:
  1. log into the Probe.
  2. go to /home/canopy/.chef and check the vSphere credentials in knife.rb
  3. go to /opt/canopy/etc and check the vSphere credentials in vmware_exporter.yml
    If the credentials are incorrect, update knife.rb and vmware_exporter.yml to contain the correct credentials
  4. Restart the Probe

  • On the Probe, go to /etc/.chef and check for the existence of the file client.pem.  If it does not exist, restart the Probe.

If the above steps fail to resolve the non-functioning probe, contact your Canopy Administrator.


    New NIC can't be used. I added a new NIC in vCenter but the probe won't find it.


    Ubuntu Server doesn't activate them automatically. Let's manually activate it.

  1. ifconfig -a
  2. find the id of the new NIC
  3. sudo ifconfig ens192 up
  4. update /etc/networking/interfaces and add the new NIC and it's subnet details.
  5. sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
  6. shutdown -r now


    Can't find vSphere host.


Check the vSphere host is fully qualified. 

In vCenter it is the top-most green icon in the hierarchy. 

Update it in both:

  • /home/canopy/.chef/knife.rb
  • /opt/canopy/etc/vmware_exporter.yml

If it still doesn't work make sure your nameserver is correct:

more /etc/resolv.conf

Then compare the nameserver entry to your own domain controller in your vCenter's IP address.

If it's different, update /etc/networking/interfaces