1. Log into vCenter (on port 9443 or the local equivalent)
2. Right-click on the vSphere server that you want to manage, select "Deploy OVF template"
3. Browse to the OVF template
4. Click "Next"
5. Select a datacenter and, if appropriate, a folder. Enter a name for the probe. Please follow any applicable site conventions for the name and location of the probe. Select "Next"
6. Select a resource (e.g. host or resource pool) and select "Next". Pleaser follow any applicable site conventions for the resource that the probe runs on.
7. Review the details and select "Next"
8. Select the appropriate datastore and select "Next". Please follow any applicable site conventions.
9. Select the appropriate source and destination networks and select "Next".
10. Click "Finish". Probe provisioning will commence.
11. When provisioning is complete, power on, log in and follow the prompts.

12. Log onto the probe and:

  • configure networking
  • bootstrap Chef
  • create config for the exporter. It should go in /opt/canopy/etc and be based on the template in /opt/canopy/vsphere_exporter/vsphere_exporter.yml

13. When requested by the probe, select the "Commence Initial Discovery" button for your new account.

NB both the menu-driven prompts and the "Commence Initial Discovery" button are works in progress at the time of writing.

14. Update syslog configuration on the probe to now stream all events to logstash in the new environment that is created.

      On the probe:

      1. Go to VAMI UI, which is on port 5480, and log in as root.

       2. Go to "Syslog configuration" and edit "Remote Syslog Host" - which is the ELK server. The port is whatever port ELK's syslog listener is configured for.