Asset Groups

Asset Groups are central to Canopy Manage. Grouping assets together allows you to organise them in a way that matches your organisation - For example you can use Asset Groups to organise in a single place:

  • All production groups
  • All assets in a geographical region
  • All assets in a data centre
  • All assets for a client
  • All assets in a department
  • All assets of a provider

Let's say, for instance, that we wanted to groups all assets whose name starts with "POC". We could create a new Asset Group named "Starts with POC" and set up a rule:

We would then have a new group showing only the assets where the name begins with "POC".

By creating multiple Asset Groups with varying rules we can organise our assets into easily identifiable and manageable groups.


Where an Asset Group is a collection of Assets, a View is a collection of Asset Groups, allowing you to easily organise and sort your different Asset Groups into manageable and logical collections.


When creating Views, Canopy Manage can automatically set up Views with Asset Groups based on several different options - alternatively you can select to create a blank View and set up Asset Groups manually.