You can easily connect an Azure account to Canopy Manage.

1 - Select Settings from the User Menu (top right corner)

2 - Select the Providers Tab, then Add vSphere

3 - Give your subscription a meaningful name that you will see around Canopy, and when you're ready select Next. This will add the vSphere account to your list of Provider Accounts.

4 - You'll now have to install the vSphere Appliance into your vSphere environment.

4a - Download the Canopy vSphere appliance from the link in the widget

4b - Install the appliance into your vSphere environment. For details on this see: How to install a vSphere Probe.

4c - When you are prompted, you will need to insert your account key to connect your vSphere environment to Canopy Manage. See below for where to find your Account Key.