You can easily connect an Azure account to Canopy Manage.

1 - Select the Gear Icon from the bottom-left menu to open the  Settings page

2 - Select the Providers Tab, then Add Azure from the top-right menu

To enable us to connect to an Azure Subscription to Canopy, we need to find out some information:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Azure Subscription ID
  • Tenant ID

You will also need to set up Azure to allow control from Canopy Manage.

If you already know these details and have enabled control from Canopy Manage you can follow the steps below. However if you need guidance on how to find this see our article: Discovering your Azure Credentials.

3 - Once you have your Client ID and Client Secret, add them to the relevant fields in the "Setup Azure Subscription" widget

4- Next up you'll need to enter your Tenant ID and Subscription ID, then give your subscription a Friendly Name that you will see around Canopy. Once you're ready select Next.

5 - Event Hub - If you want to receive events from Azure about your cloud assets, you need to enter your Event Hub details. Navigate to the Azure Portal Blade to create these. If you wish to skip this step, select Next.

6 - Cost Monitoring - You can select how you monitor your costs with this Azure Subscription in Canopy Manage.

If you wish to use rHipe Cost Monitoring, you will need to enter your rHipe Client ID and rHipe Client Secret. If you are unsure how to find this, see the following: [LINKTBM] rHipe Client ID and Client Secret.

7 - When you're ready select Next and Canopy Manage will attempt to connect to the Azure Subscription.